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Our past projects include roof truss installation, a/c unit placement, and concrete culvert placement. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. Our certified operators are knowledgeable, experienced and helpful regardless of what type of job they are working on.

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Steel Erection

Anything from small buildings or large structures premium crane is experienced in assembling your steel trusses and columns efficiently.

Air Conditioner & Generator Unit Placement

We ensure you HVAC is done quickly and safely whether you need a changeout or a new install. 

Tanks & Boats

Our highly trained crane operators are seasoned in rigging boats for lifting them into or out of bodies of water.

Light Poles & Billboards

Premium Crane’s fleet includes trucks that can hoist and lift light poles and billboards in parking lots, streets, and building exteriors. 

Pools & Spas

Premium Crane will get your spa or pool up and over the roof with minimal disturbance and maximum safety for you and your neighbors. 

Roof Truss Installation

If you have a small house or a large complex that needs single trusses, bundles, or floor joists premium crane is the ideal crane company for your job. With our cranes and operators, you will have less down time and more production with our long reach and height capabilities.

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