You bring the CHALLENGE ... We bring the SOLUTION.

We Lift It

  • Telecommunication Tower Maintenance & Assembly 

  • Industrial, Mechanical & Heavy Equipment Hoists

  • Disaster & Recovery Crane Service

  • Bridge Beam & Structural Steel Lifts 

  • Precast Concrete Construction

  • Commercial & Road Construction Installations & Site Work

  • Critical Lift Plans, 3D Engineering, FAA Approved Crane Services

  • Fully Insured, NCCCO Certified, CDL Licensed & Certified Riggers

Maximize efficiency and professionalize your image and reputation with top-notch, one-stop service. 

Why not make the shift, to the company who wants to give you a lift?

We Fix It

  • ASE Certified Mechanics 

  • Mobile Diesel Maintenance & Repair

  • Emergency Roadside Service

  • Oil Analysis

  • DOT Annual Inspections

  • Billing Service Options

  • OEM Parts

Minimize dwell times by choosing the cost effective route. Why pay to tow or wait at shops, when you can repair on site no matter where the truck stops.   

Jobsite Essentials for Rent

Premium Crane rents a wide selection of OSHA-compliant accessories to meet the needs of your job from start to finish.

Man baskets  – four person capacity
Composite Crane Mats 4’x8’
Transport – Utility Trailers and Pickups, 24-ft flatbed counterweight trucks
40-ft trailers, Shipping Containers,  HVAC Units, Generators, Dumpsters
Kubota – SVL97-2HFC “Nemo”,  Spreader Bars – 7-12ft, 12-20ft